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Den-Mar Farm was founded in 1975 as a breeding farm of Morgan Horses by Duane and Margaret Ragan and their daughter, Dena. Five Morgan Horses were purchased from Windhover Farm in Maryland as foundation stock. A 2 month old colt by Beamington was purchased as the foundation stallion. Along with a Welsh pony gelding, the five horses soon left for Colorado, as Colonel Ragan's last tour of active duty for the Air Force dictated the move. 32 years later, the colt, Windhover Classic, was with our family until December 2008 when he passed away. He earned many In-Hand and Park Championships in the show ring under the guidance of trainer Bill Parker and the Parker brothers of Amenia, NY. 

Windhover Classic (Beamington x Green Meads Katy-Did) 1976 15.3 hh Bay Stallion 

When the tour of duty for the Air Force was completed, everyone was moved back to Maryland on a farm in Calvert County. Margaret continued to manage the daily operations of the farm; Dena soon started riding at shows in Saddle Seat and Western classes. New horses became part of the family. One Saddlebred gelding was purchased for Dena to pursue her Saddle Seat riding. Below are some of the special additions we had in our horse family.

Topper" was a 16.1 hh "drop-dead-gorgeous" double Society Rex Saddlebred gelding. Once you saw him, you couldn't take your eyes off of him.

Topper and Dena at Devon in 1987. Photo by Nascimbeni.

Mini" was only 14.2 hh, but she could do it all. She was trained for Saddle Seat, Western, Jumping and Driving. She was one of those horses you could never replace once she was gone -- smart, athletic and the sweetest mare you could find.

Mini and Dena in Quentin, PA. Photo by Randy Myers.

Today's Morgans have changed significantly since we started and our foundation stock of Morgans are gone now, so we decided to return to the Welsh Pony.

Duane passed away in March of 2006, and was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery after an impressive and memorable ceremony. He was an integral part of our horse venture -- building the stalls, putting up fences, driving to shows and generally being able to do anything, even while working full time-- but Margaret and Dena have always been the ones to work directly with the horses and ponies. Using this 30 plus years of experience now, we will continue breeding, showing and training with our new group of Welsh ponies.

The Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery for Duane (Col. Ragan). Photo by Michael Spilotro.


In 2007, we established the beginnings of our Welsh Pony breeding venture with the purchase of Hawkshill Glorious and Brooksfield Pink Champagne. Since that time, we have decided to concentrate on breeding medium Welsh ponies. Please look for our ponies in the show ring. We hope to produce ponies with good dispositions, great Welsh looks, good athletic ability and great movement -- ones that you will want your children to ride and succeed on. 

Margaret has enjoyed ponies form the beginning! Here she is pictured on a pony from her past. Photographer unknown.

" God forbid that I should go to any Heaven in which there are no horses." - R.B. Cunninghame Graham, letter to Theodore Roosevelt, 1917


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